Component Engineering Services

Add New P/N (Part Number), Search for Information to the New P/N, Search for Regulatory and Environmental data (UL/TUV, Safety, RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals... Documantation), II Source, Alternate Source, Cross Ref, Add new Company P/N to CAD Database, Help Purchasing to review suggested alternative to ordered P/N, Help To identify received component in warehouse (Find Component Marking Info.) and more...

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NPI Services

Help With NPI Processes, Build or Improve Processes, Ability to Manage and order Samples for Prototype, Collect data for Design stage (Models, Symbols, Footprints, Thermal Data...), Help to manege "Time To Prototype" ...

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Engineering Services

Building and Managing Bom's, Configuration Management, ECO Management

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Added Value Services

Building Searchable CAD Database that can be synced with company PLM or ERP, Unify and organized Description method through the database, Preparing Database for ERP and or PLM assimilation by organizing statuses, Description, and organaizing the AVL to be uploaded, building Processes, regulations and Standards to be integrated in company procedures and more

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