Yos ComEngMy eDMAC is targeted to establish and improve B2B services and processes.

My eDMAC assisting Electronic Industry companies with Engineering and component engineering services.

My eDMAC is focusing on NPI (New Product Introduction).


In Addition to Engineering services like Bom (Bill Of Materials) and Configuration Management etc.
And Standard Component Engineering Tasks like Adding  New Company P/N, Find Component information, II Source/cross ref Part Number  (also called Cost Reduction), review PCN (Product Change Notice) and EOL (End Of Life) notifications  and handling them, Bom and AVL Review and Environmental Compliance Directives handling  like RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals data collection and process building as required by the customer.


My eDMAc  value added Services  are build to assist small and Start-Up companies with no Data Management like ERP or PLM/PDM to better manage and even to replace Excel with better data management Tools.
The services and tools may include implementing and embedding Engineering and Component Engineering processes into the company for efficient Components, Parts, Boms and samples for prototypes and data management.


Another service that will detailed more in the services page, is Database management and assimilation, Cad searchable Database building and synchronizing it with PLM or ERP and preparing data to be transferred to other infrastructure like PLM or ERP (SAP, Priority, MFG-Pro…).


My eDMAC experience is of more than 20 years in the Electronic Industry.
This Expirience includes different department like R&D and operations like:

  • Engineering department infrastructure and Bom Configuration
  • Component Engineering
  • Quality assurance (QA)
  • Incoming Inspection
  • Purchasing